Digital Marketing Is For Everyone Review

This title reads as many of my statements in the last few years – as I was always certain that it is. That digital marketing IS FOR EVERYONE, of course. Why?

Internet has opened a vast market for anything that can be delivered in a digital form, I’m sure you’re aware of that. And where the market is, marketers are not far away, you can be sure of that too.

It’s not that much different from any other job, really. Well, if you do it right, which you have to learn, you can live a pretty darn easy life, that’s for sure. Whatever you do, don’t believe the marketing titles such as “make a million this week”. This doesn’t exist, really, unless you find oil under your house. It simply does not.

On the other hand, you can easily believe there are guys out there making millions on the internet every month. But none of them started last month, you know? Most of them started years ago, if they were lucky enough even when the Internet and Amazon were starting to take off. It was so much easier then…. If you ask me am I among them, no, unfortunatelly not. I was too late. Back then, I had a great job, doing what I loved (printers business, tech), and I had no reason to learn so many new technologies. I’d rather spent my afternoons playing around. Yap, silly me. And millions of others, trying to make it on the Internet today.

So what do you need to succeed today?

Oh, there are so many things that you can do online to make money… You can look around this website, and you’ll find a hundred ideas already. And if you look at five more, you’ll find another hundred. And so on. There is literally no limits online, you know?

But it’s hard to get started. In order to make things moving, you’ll need so many moving pieces that most of the people who start will give up in a few months, if not sooner. It can be really overwhelming, but trust me, with a helping hand, it’s just as hard as learning how to make pancakes right.

How to learn and do the basics, you say?

Well… I have a few things on my mind I could mention to you.

Face it,­ no matter how many times we’ve been proven wrong, we all still hope there’s a legit way to make passive income online. ​If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed I didn’t mention paid ads. Because you’re not going to need them with Digital Marketing Is For Everyone.

What is Digital Marketing Is For Everyone all about?

In short – making money online, using Facebook.

2 billions daily users, generating 4.5 billion likes each day…. can you comprehend the sheere scale of this network?

Yes, that means a whole lots of potential traffic for your offers. But if you do it wrong or by hand, you’re doomed to extinction. So this is what the doctor ordered.

Digital Marketing Is For Everyone will TEACH YOU and HELP YOU:

  • Create an Ads Manager Account
  • Create a Facebook Page for a Business, Brand, Community, Service or Other
  • Navigate Your way Around Ads Manager Tools and Features
  • Set Up Payments, Limits and Billing on an Ads Manager Account​​
  • Understand All Facebook Campaign Marketing Objectives
  • Understand the Structure of a Facebook Ad
  • Know How to Edit the Ad Set Level in Detail, from Targeting, to Placements, to Budget
  • Appreciate how Important Facebook is in Advertising Today
  • Save Time with Saved Audiences
  • Avoid the Pitfalls that Most Newbies Fall In To and Burn Cash With
  • Create Slideshows using Facebook’s Slideshow Feature
  • Use Various Ad Creatives from Images, to Carousels, to Slideshows and Videos
  • Create Website Conversion Ads
  • Create Page Post Engagement Ads
  • Create Video Views Ads
  • Create Page Likes Ads
  • Improve Your Ad Copy with a Few Simple Steps
  • Create Dynamic Product Catalogue Sales Ads
  • Understand the Facebook Pixel, What it is, What it does, Why it’s Important
  • Improve Your Targeting with Some Easy Edits
  • Install a Facebook Pixel on to a Shopify Store
  • Create a new Facebook Pixel
  • Build Custom Audiences from Multiple Sources
  • Use a Facebook Pixel in a Facebook Ad
  • Utilise your Website Traffic to make Custom Audiences
  • Upload Email Databases to create Custom Audiences
  • Build Lookalike Audiences from Facebook Pages
  • Create Advanced Audiences of Your Best Customers
  • Build Lookalike Audiences from Video Views
  • Build Lookalike Audiences from Custom Audiences
  • Work out Your Profit Margins
  • Laser-Focus Custom and Lookalike Audiences using Constraining
  • Learn of the Best Set Up for E-Commerce
  • Create Customised Reporting for Better Analysis
  • Use Breakdowns to Get Better, More Detailed Insights
  • Analyse Facebook Ad Performance based on CPP
  • Use a Tool to Generate Awesome Infographics from Your Data
  • Advanced Reporting Techniques such as Editing Conversion Windows
  • Perform Your Own Split Tests
  • Know how to Split Test Properly without Wasting Money
  • Learning of 3 Easy Scaling Methods for Beginners
  • Know some great Targeting and Creative Variables to Split Test
  • and on and on it goes…

There are just too many functionalities to list them all here – please see the salespage for further details. And this is just the main Front End product!

Digital Marketing Is For Everyone

There are 5 modules included:

  • The 6-Figure Dropship Blueprint
    Exclusive “Copy-and-Profit” secrets to an OVERNIGHT 6-figure Shopify drop shipping empire! This is the EXACT blueprint that my students use to rake in over $30K/month while they do almost NOTHING!
  • Sourcing Secrets Goldmine
    The Most POWERFUL sourcing secrets to ever be revealed in one place YOU will discover how to find the HOTTEST selling, “Weird” products to sell without the guess work alleviating any potential of failure. You will have a lit of the BEST products to sell in just MINUTES! – ($297 value)
  • Facebook Ads Manifesto
    How I TARGET the PERFECT ecom products right down to the very last detail to ENSURE that the product is an absolute WINNER! YOU will discover the exact products that our inner-circle of 6 figure earners have used to make MILLIONS with simple $3 FB ads with REAL examples of EXACTLY how we did it – ($97 value)
  • Converting Viewers into Cash
    How you’ll identify the PERFECT customer every single time, READY and WILLING to happily purchase the moment they simply VIEW you ads! – ($197 value)
  • 6-Figure Ad Targeting Secrets
    The ad targeting secrets to sell products to the PERFECT audience every time ensuring that the product you’re offering fits the viewers needs specifically creating an instant buying frenzy! – ($297 value)


Digital Marketing Is For Everyone


Main offer and upgrades (OTOs)

  • Main Offer: Digital Marketing Is For Everyone [$47-$97]
  • OTO1: Financial Freedom [$47-$97]
  • OTO2: Life Changer [$37/m]
  • OTO3: CEO [$97-$197]

The sooner you dive in, the cheaper the offer and the sooner you will see results in your Paypal account.

And, each and every product is covered by a 30-day guarantee.

The verdict

Digital Marketing Is For EveryoneI had only a very limited review version available, but so far what I could see was a pretty good structure. There are pits and caves on the road, sure, but most of them can be leveled by diving into the docs and trainings. In short, it’s a mix of courses joined at hips to make a mega-course.

The OTOs? You don’t need them to start the journey, however, I would consider especially OTO1, as the name suggests (Financial Fredom) it’s filled with tools and tips that can help you much faster in achieveing that so-wanted nine-to-five release.

In the end, I would recommend it, especially if your plans include passive commissions somewhere down the road. And if they don’t, believe you me, they should – if you settle for ordinary by-hand work, you’ve created nothing more than a new job, and it’s a nonsense.


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