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The plot behind video engagement

We all know video is the number 1 when it comes to customer or visitor engagement, be it on any social platform or your own website. No matter what you’re selling or offering, video can boost your engagement by stagering percentage. Normal videos have but one serious “malfunction”: usually they’re not interactive. Meaning, you cannot use video to engage visitors by the predefined path towards the sale. All you can do is tell a story, show a review, play some comments, and hope that your visitor will stay with your video long enought to be convinced. In short, it’s not really interactive. But what if you could produce real interactive video clips?

Interactr 2 – Interactive video

Interactr Interactive Video | MaxProfitReviewsWhen I first saw the vendor’s message about the planned launch, I honestly expected a clunky and hard to use platform.  I simply couldn’t see how to possibly put several videos together to make an interactive experience for the user, guiding him with your predefined paths.  Oh, was I surprised!

The first thing that you notice upon logging in is the clean, intuitive interface of the platform. Everything seems to be where I would have put it (that is, the user), so I had absolutely no problems finding my way around. If you do get stuck, there’s always a Tutorials button there to take your fears away. In short, it took me very little effort to find what I was looking for.

The second thing that comes to mind when we talk about video producing platforms is the hosting. Video files tend to be large, so usually providers have limited options of hosting for you. Which usually means you get your project on the platform for a limited amount of time, after which it disapperars. And if you want to adapt it for another use, you could find yourself in troubles. And, of course, you have to download the produced videos immediately and host them yourself. Hard drives start to squeek soon, I tell you. Well, the Interactr 2 leverages powerful outside hosts, such as Youtube, S3, Vimeo. It makes it possible for the vendors to focus on the product rather then trying to combat the big ones, as it takes quite a lot to be a good powerful video hosting platform. Which is very good from my point of view.

Interactive video – how?

The idea behind the product is simple (well…): you combine two or more video clips, telling specific stories, and then let the visitor decide which way he’ll go. So basically you play a short video and then show a button, asking the visitor what he’d like to do next. With Interactr 2, this is done in four simple steps:

  1. Login and create a new project. Use one of the templates or create your own design.
  2. Upload videos and images you want to use to your library.
  3. Use the Drag And Drop editor to map the video funnel.
  4. Add your own multi-layer interactive video elements.

Interactr Interactive Video | MaxProfitReviewsThe interactive video elements step is where you add your call to action to the video. It’s what tells your visitor what to do, or rather asks him what he wanted to do. Then, the video is produced in such a way that these buttons open exactly the clips you wanted.

The interactive video elements step 4 is where you add your call to action to the video. It’s what tells your visitor what to do, or rather asks him what he wanted to do. Then, the video is produced in such a way that these buttons open exactly the clips you wanted.

If you have a hard time visualising this, there’s a full demo on the salespage – take a look, it’s well worth it.

Interactive video with Interactr 2: The Verdict

During our short test I can honestly say I loved the experience. It simply works. The created videos are of high quality, and I cannot seem to get enought of that nice “What do you want to do next” philosophy. I trust the same will happen to your visitors when you put a video like this to the salespage or social platform.

Interactr Interactive Video | MaxProfitReviewsDo I think you should have it? Well, it all depends on what you’re doing for living.

If you use any kind of video (and I mean ANY kind) marketing in your business, yes, I believe you’re missing a great deal of possibilities without this tech. It can seriously boost the engagement sky high, because it’s new, because it’s interesting, and it’s fun (try it with the demo!). And engagement is what all marketers want and need, no matter the niche.

If not, well, it can still be a pretty crazy toy, to be honest. You can use it to explode your Facebook fanpage, for instance, and brag around to all your friends about how good you are at producing videos. So, it depends solely on you and your decision.

We will definitely jump in, I can say this much. The price is very reasonable in the launch period, so it’s not too big of an investment. In any case, I strongly suggest you take a look at the salespage and the demo videos there – maybe you get a new idea about how to turn this to gold. Let me know about it, I can always use good ideas myself. 😉


Interactr Interactive Video | MaxProfitReviews


In case you decide, there’s a plethora of bonuses included with the purchase and you can check them on the salespage. As for me, I’m including a few more, so you get even more value from your purchase:

  1. Reseller Box ($47): 6 premium plugins you can resell immediately, along with everything you need to start. You can use Interactr 2 to promote them tomorrow, and make money with it.
  2. How I make money online ($97): access to a video training done by a 7-figure online marketer that can seriously impact your marketing efforts.
  3. YouTube Ad Mastery. Inside this training you will learn exactly how to set up YouTube Ads so you can quickly and easily deploy your videos on YouTube and start getting traffic.
  4. Facebook Video Ads Mastery. Inside Facebook Video Ads Mastery you will learn how to set up FB Video Ads so you can start getting cheap, quality video traffic from Facebook straight away.
  5. VideoSuite Play Button Creator. In 2017 Wistia found putting a video image inside the email gave a 40.83% increase in click-through rates. We made a tool that allows you to create shockingly effective email video images.
  6. VideoSuite Spoiler Box Creator. The spoiler box creator can increase VSL sales by 73% by adding video spoiler boxes underneath your VSL without having to have any photoshop skills. Just use our custom built software.
  7. VideoSuite Thumbnail Creator. The Thumbnail creator can boost video views by up to 10% by quickly and easily creating video thumbnail images. They make your videos stand out from the crowd and get clicked.
  8. VideoSuite Monthly Stock Video. To allow you to create better videos with Interactr we’re giving you access to our monthly video asset club. You can get the exact video assets we use in our business.
  9. VideoSuite Monthly Stock Audio. To allow you to create better videos with Interactr we’re giving you access to our monthly audio asset club. You can get the exact audio assets we use in our business.


Interactr Interactive Video | MaxProfitReviews


And as with any other video producing software, you’ll soon discover there’s never enough video clips to choose from, especially when you need them. This can easily be solved by getting a membership with Stockocity 2 Video Library, a searchable, indexed library of 6,000+ videos you get for a single price of around $30 (in the moment of writing). You can also check our short Stockocity 2 review.


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