What does Jack Jacker do?

Jack Jacker Ad | MaxProfitReviewsIn short, Jack Jacker by Brett Rutecky allows you to get content and build authority easily. It does so by letting you “jack” any internet page (like Sky News) and show it in your domain, even with your own banner and call to action on top of it. It allows you to easily get new content and build authority.

To be honest, we’ve found some pages that just do not work (like cnn.com), but that’s just the price of a free plugin, I suppose.


Are you struggling with content for your new blog? Of course you are. Everybody is.

When we start, we always have problems where to find enough good content to draw attention of the readers and possibly make some money with our new blog on the way. Since quality content requires quite some work in order to do it right, there’s a number of plugins and utilities out there to help you with that issue. Some actually pump content from around the web into your blog, creating posts and pages, while others use different approaches. They work, more or less, but require different amounts of work input in order to get good results.

One of the smallest and simplest to use is Jack Jacker, a free plugin by Brett Rutecky.


It all begins with plugin download and installation, of course, before you can do anything useful. We trust you know how to do that, otherwise you can check it here.

The plugin first requires you to create a page that it uses to display your jacked page inside; let’s say we go and create a page titled “zz Jack Test Free”. If that “zz” bothers you, it’s just our way of putting the page all the way down on the list of pages in WordPress list so we can find it easier. So: we create an empty page and publish it. Then, we click the Jack Jacker link in the dashboard and Jack’s screen opens.

Jack Jacker Free WordPress Plugin | MaxProfitReviews

After clicking the Create New Jack button, the work begins, as the Jack’s screen requires some setting in order to work correctly.


Jack Jacker Free WordPress Plugin | MaxProfitReviews


Choose the target page

First, we have to decide what page (link, actually) we want to use for our content. Obviously, you don’t want to use it on your homepage, instead, we choose the page we created, zz Jack Test Free. The Title is for our own use only, so we know what it is. The “working” part is the URL To Jack setting: here we input the URL address of the page we want to jack, in our case it’s http://news.sky.com/world.

We choose the color of the bar we want to display, enter the text, again we can choose the color, and of course our link where we want to redirect the readers when they click our bar. After saving, our new Jack appears in the Jack Jacker’s screen with our title. An additional functionality enables us to see how many clicks our bar has received, so we know whether the content is any good to our blog or not. And this is it. No confusing shortcodes, no need to edit our test page (zz Jack Test Free), no nothing. just that.

If we visit our page now at blog-url/zz-jack-test-free (“blog-url” being your blog url, obviously), we see the original page from Sky News with our call-to-action bar on top of it. And, if you look closely, it’s on your domain! 🙂


Jack Jacker Free WordPress Plugin | MaxProfitReviews


The action bar stays glued to the top of the page, no matter how much you scroll. So it’s very well within the visitor’s view all the time.

This test itself does not make any sense, really, but imagine using some page where information is published that is interesting for your visitors and somehow fits your niche. Now that’s different. You can go public with your link and show to your audience that you have a lot to tell, giving them quality content and of course building authority in the process.


There is also a Gold version of the plugin, named Jack Jacker Gold (surprise). It has a few additional goodies included. For instance, you can add some HTML code beneath the action bar, and you can also jack the links that appear on the jacked page. Both functionalities can come really handy should you need them, and the pricing is actually well within anyone’s reach – $9. So if you need those little extras, go ahead and click this link.

But you’ll have time to do so if you decide you need a bit more functionality. Just return here and follow the link above. 🙂

The verdict

Of course we like it. It’s clean, maybe not the best design of all times style-wise, but it is small, quick, easy to setup and – it WORKS. So no big secrets there, you set it up and invite people to read your new content. That’s all there is to it. And it can really help you build your traffic.

It is a 100% free plugin, you are welcome to learn more and download it by clicking the button below.


Jack Jacker Free Plugin Download


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