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Membership sites are great. And with MemberPal they’re easy, too.

Why? Because that’s the place where you will gather people that constitute your network of customers, contacts, leads.

It’s one of the best ways to join them in one place and use it to deliver value to them.

Why do you need a membership site?

Well, as stated many times all over the web, the best way to make it in Internet Marketing sphere is to have and sell your own products. These could be developed by you, if you have the knowledge and means of doing it, or other people’s products that you have resell rights for. This includes also all sorts of PLR products that may lay low somewhere on your disk, collecting electronic dust and waiting to be obsolete.

Imagine having a hundred such products on sale throughout your different niche websites. How do you deliver your products? How do you do your support, updates, notifications?

One way for sure is building a separate download area in every one of your websites. It works, sort of. These download areas have to be linked to some username/password combination that you assign to people requesting access. But you don’t just allow people in without checking who they are, whether they really bought your product and so on, right? So you have to check each and every application against your list of customers, wherever you may keep it.

Now imagine

Now imagine making 10 sales per day. You have to create 10 accounts (not all on the same website, of course… 🙂 ) and give them adequate permissions to access your products. Hm.

The other way is to enable immediate “thank you” pages that include download links. Easier, you say. I agree, but with a drawback: each and every “thank you” page is nothing more then a page with a download link inside. And as such it can be hacked – well, it’s enough your page link “escapes” somehow into the wide open Google space, what happens next? I’m sure you guessed it: Who would buy product XY from you when there’s a backdoor directly to the download page, right?

This is where MemberPal comes in

It has one main function: to enable people that bought your products via your Paypal to access the download area for the product.

And, may we say, it does this in a pretty clever way, without you having to do any additional work.

All your customers bought your product and paid you via your Paypal account. So, their purchase info is safely stored at Paypal, you may or not have saved it elsewhere, but they are for sure stored there. So why not use this info to allow them access to the product?

You read it correctly: MemberPal checks the user against your Paypal account and gives them access only if their purchase is logged there.

When you lock a page with MemberPal, the visitor has to enter their Paypal email address that they used to buy your product in order to be able to access the content. The plugin checks against Paypal whether the email address is connected to your product and releases access to the content if it’s found. That’s all.

There are all sorts of things you can lock

MemberPal allows you to lock specific pages, categories or even posts. It’s not limited to a single page, you can lock download pages or just content and allow only checked users to access it. Quite shortly said, it is FAST, SIMPLE and it WORKS.

There’s more to it on the demo page/video then we can say in this post. You’ll have to jump over and check it, or at least view the demo vide below, but if you are doing any kind of sales in your web space, I can tell you it’s one of the easiest ways to protect your assets.


It’s not a full blown membership manager

Of course, you could argue that you need a full-blown membership site where you can do much more with your content and members. True. MemberPal is not aiming to be any of that. It only does what it states, and it does it effectively.

Full-blown membership sites are a pain of its own, believe me. And usually much more expensive, plus you’ll need quite some extra time to set all the things up to have a working site. Or you can pay and have it outsourced, of course. If you need it, there’s no further questions needed: go and get one of these. It will serve you well, if done correctly, but for sure you won’t have it up and running today before dinner.

If you’re somewhere in the start of your path as an internet marketer, this is one of the easiest way to eliminate one big pain in the a** that we all encountered. Go see the demo and decide, the price is fair and – as said – it works.


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