The Quick Start Challenge is now CLOSED. You’ll have to wait until 2019.

I’ve been a member of the Quick Start Challenge team since last year, when they launched “V4” as they called it (Quick Start Challenge T100 was the official name). I’m talking about Dean Holland and Craig Crawford, both well respected marketers, who are literally taking us newbies by the hand and teaching us how to start online.

At that time, it costed 197$; let me tell you, it was well worthed. Most of the things you see on this website would not happen without it. I’ve taken other trainings in this time, but none really led me by the hand so perfectly.

Who are these guys behind the Quick Start Challenge?


Dean Holland is the mastermind behind a very successful company and has been invited to events with people like Russel Brunson and Tony Robbins. He was also invited to do a TEDx talk, which is something very few people get asked to do in the online marketing realm and is without doubt the right man to learn from

Craig Crawford is his partner at this endeavour and the man behind Paramount Profits, a well established online marketing company that produces and sells well supported marketing software tools. He has a long experience in Online Marketing and is very succesful with it.

Together, they make a team that has a whole lot to share, and their teaching is very easy to follow. They always make great jokes also (well, British ones 🙂 ), so it’s hard to be bored. My personal experience was very nice, and judging by the numbers of good testimonials I was not alone.

What is The Quick Start Challenge anyway?

The “QSC” is a well known 4 week training course which began back in 2012!

The first Quick Start Challenge opened its doors hosted by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford that has taken struggling newbies to results within 30 days or less. Once a year they only allow people in for FIVE days ONLY… then registration is closed, and coaching commences.

The internet is flooded with testimonials from happy QSC entrants who are incentivised to take action by winning part of a $10,000 prize pool for taking action over the time. People have been known to begin to make sales within two weeks, build their subscriber base and gain massive traffic!

To shorten things a little:

The Quick Start Challenge is a life-changing, results getting LIVE training course like NO OTHER!

There are four main objectives throughout the training:

  1. Taking your business from A-Z and helping you build your list.
  2. Grow your audience with proper attitude that brings money.
  3. Have a proper online presence to build your own branding.
  4. Get you making $100 PER DAY or more in sales.

And you know what? If I could make it, so can you.

All you need to do is attend to live sessions once per week, where you’ll get your assignments and prizes, and then – of course – bring all that to work for you.

The Quick Start Challenge Training

The weeks and steps go like this.

Step #1 – Lay The Foundations

This is NOT where you talk about some positive mindset or any of that typical stuff people throw around… There is ONE specific thing you need to do that will allow you to hit the ground running and then go on to magnetically attract people to you and turn them into raving fans… which of course leads you straight to the $$$$$$ in your account.

Step #2 – Initiate Income Streams

Time to discover the difference in the types of income streams you can implement into your newly formed business and immediately initiate them ready for big pay days! (SPOILER ALERT: There’s 1 thing they’ll reveal here that very few people know about that makes their $1,000+ DAYS! …and it can be done by complete newbies!!!)


Step #3 – Fire Up The List Building Engine

You know you need one, so it’s time to just make it happen… You’ll learn how to fire up your very own “list building engine” – this is a very specific 2-phase list machine that will not only build your email list but also automatically make you commissions at the very same time! (NOTE: If you’ve ever worried about “had to say” or “Not having any value to share with a list” or “what if they don’t like me or I say the wrong things” …this is PERFECT for you (we all used to feel the exact same way, but these guys will solve that for you in just 60 minutes!)


Step #4 – Deploy Automated Income System

YES! You really can make money whilst you sleep but only if you implement this one thing! They’ll walk you through it and quickly and easily setup your automated income system so that it puts commissions into your pocket 24/7.


Step #5 – Turn On The Traffic Tap

Now the stage is all set and ready to go, it’s time to turn on the traffic and let your system crank out commissions for you! There’s free traffic and paid traffic… In fact there’s 1 free method that’s working insanely well for us right now that you’ll soon discover. (It put $463 in my bank from about 30 minutes work just the other day).


Starting The Quick Start Challenge

The cart opens at 10am EST September 7th. At that time, you’ll be able to get this incredible training for a price of a pizza – literally, the starting price is 14.95$, but it’s on a dime sale, meaning it will gradually go up throughout the launch period. You want to be fast on that one.

At that time, also the links on this page will be live, so don’t miss the opportunity.

On September 12th, the training commences, and you’ll get into Step #1 of your new life.

If you’re a bit stressed out and tend to forget things, you’re welcome to sign up for the reminder below. You’ll be the first to know and won’t miss this golden opportunity.


Along with the 4 weeks of live training, you’ll also receive a number of bonuses aimed at helping you do your first steps into the online business. These are delivered through your JVZoo member area. If there would be any problems with it, please just mail me with your receipt and we’ll handle it immediately.

Worth $97

Quick Start Challenge Bonus - Email Subscriber Checker

Worth $127

Quick Start Challenge Bonus - WP Advertiser

Worth $147

Quick Start Challenge Bonus - List Building Masterclass

Worth $47

Quick Start Challenge Bonus - Email Subscriber Checker

Worth $47

Quick Start Challenge Bonus - WP Advertiser

Worth $27

Quick Start Challenge Bonus - WP Advertiser

Worth $197

This is a Premium SAAS Software that takes care of your email list. A clean email list is absolutely a must for any online email marketing business, since non-existing email addresses cause email bouncing rates to rise, often resulting in your online reputation going straight down. With it, your delivery rates will drop, too, as online spam engines will see your problems. And when delivery rates drop, so do the click-through rates, and with them – the money coming in.

The Validator Bundle includes Validator Lite (with giveaway rights) that you can give away to your subscribers and build your email list, as well as Validator Pro and Validator Master which both include resell rights and are there for you to use as upsells in your marketing campaigns.

Quick Start Challenge Bonus - Online Mastery Platinum

Worth $297

This is a Premium Online Marketing training that takes you one level higher and complements The Quick Start Challenge perfectly.

There’s over 100 hours of video training included that you can watch after you have the basis done, and learn how to increase your marketing skills.

It’s a $297 High Level course that you’re getting for free if you buy today.

Please take a look at the BONUS PAGE for more information.

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