Retargeting is hands down the most effective way of advertising on the web today. It gives you opportunities to legally follow people who visited your website around Facebook and Google. Because of this, you can easily show them ads that are made just for them in order to convert them to customers. Retarget By AdSightPro is a powerful tool that will help you overcome one of the biggest problems of Facebook retargeting.


Facebook is a mighty platform and as such also an advertiser’s dream. There are billions of people active on Faceboko every day, and chances are there are millions interested in whatever you have to sell or simply show to them.

Advertising on Facebook can be very tricky. After you master the ad creatives (like images and texts), there’s still the most important question open: to whom you want to show your ads? Yes, you have to define the audience for your ads, otherswise you’re throwing your money away.

Facebook audience retargeting

When you select your audience, you can go dead wrong. Facebook only allows a certain amount of interests to be chosen from. And if you don’t choose the right ones for your product, you could be wasting a lot of money on advertising that will never work.


Because showing your ad for a training on how to build a gas turbine will have little to no interest for people interested in hairdressers.

You see what I mean?

I like pizza, for instance. I tend to look every ad I see that has a great pizzy photo in it. But I really hate fish, and no matter how beautiful a photo you find for a baked fish, I will never ever click it. I just don’t care.

If you manage to find my sweet spot (ie pizza in this case), you can have me click your ads. Which will bring me to your webite, and hey, I might buy something today or tomorrow. And that’s advertising money well spent.

Facebook pixel

Facebook has a powerful mechanics for retargeting. It’s done by a small snippet of code that it provides that you should include into your website. It’s called a pixel.

Its main function is to let Facebook build you a retargeting list – a list of people that visited your page/website. That way, you can do what I’ve mentioned above and only show your ads to interested people.

But, Facebook pixel has a serious limitation: it has no idea what people are doing on our website.

This means, no matter whether I stay on your website for a mere second or half an hour, Facebook will still count me into your retargeting list.

Can you spot a problem here?

There is no way for the pixel to know these things, let alone seeing how far I scrolled down the page, whether I clicked something, and so on. And here, my friend, Retarget Ba AdSightPro comes to the rescue.

Retarget By AdSightPro

Retarget By AdSightPro is a cloud based software that will give you exactly what’s missing to the Facebook pixel itself.

Retarget By AdSightPro

It provides a snippet of code that you include in your website, just like Facebook pixel, and then analyzes the data abot each and every visitor. It does that according to the filters you define and it can be anything – how long they’ve been here, how far they’ve scrolled, what language thy speak, and so on.

Based on your settings, Retarget By AdSightPro will determine how interested the visitor is and based on that it will either send it to Facebook’s retargeting list, or not.

What does Retarget By AdSightPro do for us?

By doing the AI filtering of visitors, Retarget By AdSightPro will actively shorten your retargeting lists. It might sound bad, but in fact it’s a blessing. Your retargeting lists will only include people that were deemed highly interested for your products or services, based on your own filtering.

And that means less money spent on advertising and much much higher ROI.

Retarget By AdSightPro Review and Bonus

There’s more about Retarget on this review page.

By buying it, you’ll also receive a nuber of bonuses and you can check them by clicking the button below.


Or, you can simply jump and check the salespage itself here.


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