Facebook is a marketing monster, and SociCake is a software package like no other this very moment. It literally includes the tools you need, period.

It includes 10 softwares that deal with your Facebook traffic, and they’re all for sale for a price of one of them.

While it sounds incredible, it makes perfect sense for us marketers to be happy about it, just read on.

What is included?

SociCake includes the following:

  1. Rich FB Post Editor: Add BOLD Text, Italicized, Underlined & More on FB to make your post, comments, and ads stand out giving you a HUGE boost in engagement, leads, and sales.
  2. Facebook Post Manager: Create and schedule link posts, image posts, video posts, call to action posts and slideshows across multiple Facebook pages.
  3. Clickable Images Creator: Create and schedule clickable images that redirects ALL the traffic to your website.
  4. MessengerBot: Easily create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support…without ANY coding or designing skills.
  5. Messenger Broadcaster: Blast promotional and follow up messages to those that have engaged with your page and send unlimited broadcasts to subscribers across your pages.
  6. Comment Bot: Here’s a virtual assistant to manage your Facebook page 24/7…set up an automated response (public and private reply) to everyone who comments on your Facebook post based on keywords and phrases.
  7. Soci Inviter: Convert post likes into fan page likes by mass inviting everybody who liked your posts to like your fan page.
  8. FB Ads & Content Editor & Designer: Create jaw-dropping & high converting Facebook post, Timeline covers, Facebook ads, Viral Quotes, Memes… and many more using 1,423 premium design templates, 7.5 million stock design assets, 450,000 Viral quotes and a lot more.
  9. Optin Link: Create links that capture the name and email address of those that click on it without a landing page or an opt-in form.
  10. Live Engine: Upload a pre-recorded video and broadcast it live across multiple Facebook pages and multiple Facebook accounts.

Best part?

The best part of all this is – beside the pricing – the included commercial license, which allows you to use all these tools, without limitations, for your clients.

Yes, with SociCake package you can immediately start an agency business, offering clients all or some of the services that are included in the package.

Who needs SociCake?

Well, if you’re running a business, be it online or offline, I’m sure you know about the importance of social presence.

If you’re not on Facebook, they say, you don’t exist.

Of course it’s exagurated, but the truth is that you can hardly imagine a modern business without strong social networks presence. And this means you have to be present all the time, creating posts, shooting videos, telling stories… It’s quite a job, really, especially if you’re using many different tools for different tasks.

The best part of this is that every single business has the same problem; and while some are strong (or young) enough to do everything on their own, vast majority of the businesses is simply not capable of doing all these. And here is where you and SociCake come in, because with the tools provided you can actually offer your services in this area easily.

To sum it up: if you’re running your own business and you feel like you are capable of doing this, OR if you want to offer your services to other businesses, you need this. For the price offered ($41 in the moment of writing), it’s a steal.

Just imagine you only use one of the included functionalities, let’s say you decide and use the Comment bot. It is capable of responding to any comments your Facebook visitors post on your pages, which will greatly improve your Facebook status (responsive pages have great advantages) and save you huge amounts of time you’d need to do it manualy. In short, you just put the bot to work and within  a week you’ll have your investment back from the time you’ll save. Easy.

The verdict


If you fall under any of the categories mentioned above, grab this offer with both hands. Even if you only use one of them actively, it will be such a time saver that you’ll soon be asking how could you ever manage without it.


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