Traffic Ivy is for those who are looking at how to make money online. The internet is a very powerful tool and online marketing when done right can get you lots and lots of business. Backlinks and shares can help you to draw a lot of traffic to your website. But as usual, there’s a catch; and the catch lies in getting this done in a proper way.

I don’t promote every program or software there is, it’s both impossible (when?!?) as well as – well, unethical, I suppose. There are softwares that are worth promoting, and there are the other ones. Unfortunately, most go in the second group.

Anyway, I bought Traffic Ivy myself. I was being Scrooge and I took the smallest traffic package, with 2,000 traffic points included. Why, you might say, and I will answer a bit down the page.

Traffic Ivy Review

So is Traffic Ivy from Cindy Donovan any good?

Cindy has a history of good products (such as Covert Commissions and ShopABot, for instance), so as an established online marketer I believe she earned our trust.

The idea itself is not new, or revolutionary for that matter. The whole point is getting connected with a bunch of people wanting the same as you do, and that’s traffic to websites or social profiles. So, as the line from Cindy’s page says: “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”.

It all happens inside a SAAS portal, which is essentially a membership site. All the members see their own account, of course, plus some additional infos like current members count, social accounts count, and so on. This data is important, because it gives you the basic idea what you might expect. As of right now, Traffic Ivy has over 250 members, and it’s only been live (that is, open and for sale) for less than two hours. So people are getting in, buying the software, and as the membership grows, so will your own posting/sharing opportunities.

I haven’t had the chance to play really with all the details (heck, I bought it an hour ago!), but on the first sight, I can say I like the design and the options. As design is really a personal thing, so you might not like it, let’s stick with the functionalities.

How does Traffic Ivy work?

The basic idea is to create a post (blog post, social post, video, …) inside the membership area and then offer it to the fellow members to share it. As each of us can include a number of blog/social accounts, there’s a very good chance many will share your post on their accounts.

Traffic Ivy Review

Why would they do it?

It’s simple, really, and here you’ll get the answer to what I wrote in the begining of this post.

I bought a package with 2,000 traffic points. So when I create a post, I have to evaluate it and offer it to the community to share. Let’s say I offer 10 points per share. Whoever will share my post will receive these 10 points to their account, while I will spend them. See the point?

The more I share, the more points I collect. And the more points I can spend towards others to share my posts. And in circle we go.

Traffic Ivy Review

The result

Of course, the more your post (with links inside, of course) gets shared, the more people will see it. And a certain percent of these people will find your content interesting enough to click in to your website, so basically you have just enormously enlarged the one thing you cared about, and that is traffic to your website (or whatever you shared).

So, if I offer my post to be valued at 10 points, I can receive 200 shares all over the place with this basic package. Can you imagine how many backlinks and connections will be established by that? Google will love it, so besides the direct links I will receive I will get better standings inside Google itself. It’s actually very hard to evaluate properly, but with a 5% conversion on my website’s offer of about 10$, you can count on 200 clicks (just one per share!), so 5% would be 10 actions on my website. Let’s assume half of them would sign up to my list (so I gain 5 subscribers) and half would buy my product. This gives me a total of 50$ earned, plus 5 new subscribers. And all for less than 10$ (the cost of the basic package).

Traffic Ivy Review

And when I run out of traffic points, I simply start sharing to my accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and gather the points for that. These are free, so to speak, other than spending some time doing it, of course. And, I can repeat the posting and earning again.

So does this answer your question about why I only bought the basic package? I’m counting I’ll have time to share and earn points. If you don’t, there’s no need to worry, as you can buy packages anytime right within the membership area and continue without any work whatsoever.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I definitelly like this idea and will use it as much as I can.

What packages are available?

There are three packages available during this launch period:

  • 2,000 traffic points, for 9.97$ (27$ after launch)
  • 5,000 traffic points, for 27$ (47$ after launch)
  • 10,000 traffic points, for 47$ (97$ after launch)

As I already said, I bought the smallest one; this means I will pay for my future points with my time instead of money. So whichever is more precious to you is your thing, and you can settle for this or go big immediately.

And the upgrades

are available also, of course.

PRO subscription is a monthly thing, and will get you traffic points each and every month, depending on the amount spent. There are two options:

  • Gold, which gets you 5,000 traffic points monthly for 27$,
  • Platinum, shich gets you 10,000 traffic points monthly for 47$

There are additional options and upgrades:

  • The KickStart Bundle (97$) which gets you a fully hosted WordPress blog you can monetize immediately,
  • The Agency Plan (197$), which will enable you to sell Traffic Ivy as a service to your customers,
  • The Reseller Plan (297$), where you gain the right to resell Traffic Ivy for a 100% profit.

All of these are interesting, should they fit your plans, of course. But you can always start small, like I did, and upgrade when ready. Only the prices will be different, this you must know.

Bonuses for Traffic Ivy

Cindy has a nice list of bonuses you get with Traffic Ivy, and you should check them on the sales page itself.

I’m personally adding a few more, all aimed at the best possible leverage of the software and social media. Here they are:

  1. Email Marketing Turbo: you’ll want to utilize teh traffic coming in, and the best way is to build a list of subscribers which you will use to send them further offers. This powerful training will get you there in no time.
  2. Social Click: create clickable images for your social profiles. This way, many more visitors will visit your links.
  3. Social Inboxer: Once you post something on Facebook, you can further monetize it by building a Messenger list and using it as you would use an email list. This software will enable you to post to your subscribers, and the open rate is much higher in Messenger than anywhere else.
  4. List Building Videos: Again, your primary goal should be to buils a list of subscribers that you can monetize for months to come.

Note: you will have to email me your receipt at our support@ address and receive your access.

The verdict

Weel, I believe I’ve said it all, but let me say it again: YES.

A word of caution, though: this software in itself is no guarantee that you will make any money online, you better be aware of that. It’s just a tool, a handy one but still just a tool, and how you will use it will determine your success online. Besides everything else, you’ll have to produce quality content, don’t forget that.



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