Chat and support contact bots are becoming usual these days. But the truth is they are mostly limited to platforms like Facebook, where Messenger is just the place to be if you’re a support genius. Other than that, I’ve never seen a support chat bot that would live alone on a website out there. And Xmarketer promises exactly that – it promises to bring chat and support bots to any website out there, being it WordPress, HTML or whatever. Even more, it promises to include video and audio integration.

What is xMarketer?


xMarketer is basically a chat widget that allows you to exchange audio recordings and video messages as well as “live calls” with your website visitors.

It is the world’s first AI based sales system to convert your website visitor into sales 5 times faster without any extra efforts.

Together with the guys behind Xfunnels, HQWebinar, and Anirudh, xMarketer brings to you this revolutionary software that’ll change the way your customers do business ONLINE!

xMarketer redefines how you market products to your customers, because it makes it possible to engage them with a video, chat, ans direct messagin ON ANY KIND OF WEBSITE.

xMarketer Features

  • Chat widget: Simple setup for all your HTML/Wordpress website
  • Voicemails: Audio recorded messages directly from your website. Listen to your potential users, convert leads into sales
  • Video Mails:Exchange video recorded messages with your visitors. Improve engagement and boost revenue
  • Live Call: Directly Talk to your customers from your website and increase engagement
  • International Phone Call: Call any international number and talk to offline leads
  • Face to Face call: Realtime Face to Face conversations, a new arsenal in your marketing strategy
  • AI Bots and Emails: Qualify and engage budding users. Automate your marketing, make sales while you sleep
  • Emoji & GIFs: Engage better with Emojis and GIFs, increase time spent on your website
  • Customizable helpdesk: Better support means happy customers
  • Custom Macros: Highly effective template messages
  • Automation Triggers: Automate routine tasks with triggers

xMarketer has many features marketers will find very interesting. Each and every one id aimed at communicating with the customer and establishing a long lasting relationship with them.

Using xMarketer Suite is easy

Setup xMarketer Widget: simply add xMarketer chat widget to your HTML/Wordpress website and you are ready to go.

Share Support page link: one page to answer all customer queries. Make customers happy with great support.

Add agents to your team: invite agents to help you manage interactions. Collaborate and work efficiently.

Upgrades and OTOs

As always, there are a few options that you can buy additionally. The schema is like this:

Of course, you don’t need any upgrade to use xMarketer’s features. It’s just so that some of them are a bit limited, meaning you have to reach out for OTOs if you’re aiming higher.

xMarketer – FE features

These are the features you get in the basic software edition.

  • Chat widget for your HTML/Wordpress websites
  • Voicemails: record and share audio messages
  • Video Mails: record and exchange video messages
  • Live Call: audio call with your users
  • International phone calls
  • Realtime Face to Face calls
  • Automated Bot response in chat widget
  • Emoji and GIFs responses
  • Custom domain for your products
  • Customisable helpdesk
  • Intelligent ticketing system with video screen recording
  • Knowledge base
  • Invite agents to helpdesk
  • Integrations with Auto responders
  • Realtime tracking of all user activities (upto 30 days)
  • Custom views for Conversations, Tickets, Leads
  • Responsive mobile friendly interface

OTO 1-Features

  • HD Video calling
  • Connect Facebook messenger
  • Record your Voice calls
  • Video call Recording for creating tutorials, webinars, etc
  • Realtime tracking: Customer Journey 30+ days
  • Knowledge Base: Articles Rating and commenting facility
  • Custom Macros: Get highly effective message templates
  • Custom security policies
  • Business hours (add more than 2)
  • Automation Triggers based on activities and events
  • Conversation satisfaction rating
  • Custom domain: (Upto 5 products)
  • Multiple language support

OTO 2-Features

  • Voice call and video call recording
  • Knowledge base: Customer Journey (Unlimited)
  • Knowledgeable Articles Rating and commenting
  • Custom Macros
  • Custom security policies
  • Business hours (Unlimited)
  • Automation Triggers
  • Conversation satisfaction rating
  • Custom domain: (Unlimited products)
  • Multiple language support
  • Network restrictions

OTO 3 Features

As the last OTO, you can get the Agency: Gold (All Agency rights with 250 user licenses) and Agency — Platinum (All Agency rights with 500 user licenses) license, if you want to become an xMarketer reseller.

What to think of xMarketer?

Honestly, I’m not completely sure; while the promissed functionalities are fantastic, I did not have the option of testing everything – there was simply not enought time, believe it or not.

What I did see though looks great; unfortunatelly, a few of the features that really stand out (like advanced macros for funneling) are burried inside the OTOs, so you’ll have to buy them in ordder to get really the maximum out of xMarketer. But other than that I was not able to “catch it”, not counting the problems I had because I was not sure what I was doing. 🙂

The verdict

Yes. I think the system as-is is already poweful enough to easily justify the price, especially if you manage to catch the early bird pricing. If you’re aiming at the higher targetss with your marketing, you’ll most probably have to spend a little more for the OTOs.

I’d suggest to take the front end offer with commercial rights, and when you’re familiar wih what it can do, only then try to evaluate whether you need upgrades. Usually, there’s an option in the dashboard somewhere to buy the OTOs, and usually the pricing is rather close to the launch price. So you’re not missing anything if you only buy it a week later – usually. Please don’t hold me responsible if the vendor decides to do something else. 🙂


Oh, I almost forgot to list the bonuses you’ll get if you use the button on this page. Here they are.

  • Clickable Images Bot & Tracker for Facebook
  • Socio AutoPoster: automatically post all your content to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious, BufferApp
  • FB Live Video Engagr: display Facebook reactions in real-time on a Facebook Live video voting
  • Ultima Downloader: Hijack & Download Any Video from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, Dailymotion, YouTube
  • Veedloop: create video in an infinite loop with a smooth transition (backgrounds etc)
  • Resellers Rights to Upto 100 Ready-Made Niche Blogs
  • Veedportal: Start your own Video Subscription Platform
  • WP Image & Video Commenter: Create a more engaging collaboration tool for your website
  • WP Veedbot: is the ultimate WordPress solution for creating automated and standalone video websites
  • Spin Wheel WP Plugin: Build your Mailing List Easily Without Any Cost
  • WP SMS Marketing: rich features like Bulk SMS, Scheduler, Campaigns, Auto Responder
  • PageZon: list down Amazon affiliate store products on your Facebook fan page

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