Covert Commissions 2

What is it?

Covert Commissions is an affiliate marketing system released by three well-known online marketing guys: Soren Jordansen, John Merrick, and Cindy Battye, from IM Wealth Builders.

The fact Covert Commissions is in no way the first product released by these people, which is of course good, as it shows experience, but can also be a reason to look down the barrel deeper. It’s never a rule to trust someone just because they release a lot of products. 🙂

The product mainly consists of pre-made lead capture pages. The authors claim you can easily begin to make money online with its simple to use system. All in all, Covert Commissions can be defined as a small affiliate marketing suite with various tools and resources needed to build your own list and start making sales.

These days, Version 2 is launching, enhanced, expanded, better.

And if you had even a tiniest dream about launching your own business, I suggest you take a close look at this.


Is it true?

Well, we’ve seen systems like that in the past. They all try somehow to mimic the big ones, like JVZoo and ClickBank, with their own respective add-ons and differences. They can be very useful for a beginner, but also a side business for seasoned marketers. But (there’s always a BUT somewhere, I suppose you’ve learned that already), it’s not as easy as it may look at first sight. It never is. 🙂

As always, the salespage mentions “automatic” and “turn-key” business a lot. For itself, it’s not really suspicious, as it’s marketing talk anyway. The main key here is for you to promote (= get traffic) and the system will do the rest.

“The rest” meaning after someone signs up for a free offer you’re promoting (they supply you with that), the system will follow up on your behalf and start sending email campaigns with the related offers. Standard. You would do the same in any of your promos, if you’re doing the marketing right. What differs here is hidden in the sentence above – “the system will follow up”. Literally, after getting traffic to one of the provided optin links, you don’t have to do anything else, as the system of Covert Commissions will do the mailing and sales for you, using your affiliate links.


What’s inside?

The system offers a few things:

  • Ready-Made Affiliate Marketing Funnels
    This is where you send your traffic to, and the point from where Covert Commissions continue to make sales.
  • Credits To Choose/Pick Your “Missions”
    With the initial offer, you get 5 credits; you can buy further credits later in packs of 5 or one by one. Each credit opens another funnel for you to start promoting.
  • Promotional Tools
    These include pre-written E-mails, Tweets, PPC Campaigns, Articles, Signature Ads, and Banners that you can use to drive traffic.
  • Squeeze Page Links
    Using the available promo tools, to then send your traffic to your squeeze page links.
  • Ready-made free gifts
    which help you convert the visitors you send into subscribers and lead them in the funnels.


This is how your dashboard looks on the inside.

So what’s the catch here? It sounds great!

With affiliate marketing, there’s always a small catch to it: while the sales happen, you get commissions from them, but you’re rarely building a true asset for yourself – I’m talking about your own email list, of course, to which you can resell later and which represents a true base for your business. While the sellers get the customer’s email, you get nothing. So you make a sale, get these few bucks, while the seller makes the same, except they also have a customer they can continue to sell to. And that’s always been the key to something more long term.

With Covert Commissions 2.0, the guys changed that. In your dashboard you can now connect your autoresponder, which means you will also build a list while making sales. Which is much better and makes real sense. Good. 🙂

The only catch is the same as with every online marketing effort: you have to provide traffic. This is where your marketing knowledge and tools will come to life, and of course it will probably cost you something – ads aren’t that cheap today. But, again, this is a standard procedure for any online marketing, so not really a thing to count as negative. After all, this is ALL YOU HAVE TO DO.


What are the offers?

The packages Covert Commissions sell are interesting, depending on the niche you’re in. Some are more suited to the IM niche, some relate to health and relationship niches. Take a look, you might find a package just for your needs. In the short launch period, the cost is really not high, so you can make it back and earn something relatively easy, as we’ve seen. 🙂

You can just buy the “startup” package, consisting of a few offers, which is on sale in the moment of writing. Additionally, you can always extend your portfolio buying more credits. This, of course, is their way of making some money, but hey – we’re in for the same reason, right?


The verdict

We did not find anything that really stands out on the bad side. Sure, you can’t count on the system to do all the work for you, you still have to provide the most valuable of all things – the traffic. But other then that, the system seems to work, and not only short term as it’s been alive for over a year now, and the customers will be in the loop for quite some time with the new offers they will include in time.

if you don’t mind working on getting traffic to the system’s squeeze pages, this could easily be one of the easy ways to make some commissions. So YES, we’re in. 🙂

If you want to learn more, just follow this link or click the button below.


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There is a bunch of bonuses available on the sales page by the vendor, and I’ve decided to add a bit to that.

  • Reseller Box: A complete business-in-a-box with  6 premium plugins to start and everything you need to start asap
  • WP Video Optin Plugin: A plugin that will help you build beautiful video Optin pages
  • WP Optin Fire Plugin: A plugin that will help you build your email list
  • WP Scarcity Demon Plugin: Include great looking countdown timers in your Optin pages
  • Killing It With Amazon: A PDF guide that will show you how you can rake in money with Amazon Affiliate sites

These bonuses will be added to your purchase automaticaly.


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