WP Blazer 3.0 is a piece of software (cloudbased SaaS) that promises to automate your maintenance tasks on your WordPress sites. Clearly, it becomes really useful only if you own more then one or two, which can obviously be maintained by hand, one by one.

It comes as a main product, which is extensible to a PRO version, Developer version and finally, the WhiteLabel version.

We’ve bought the basic product for testing and our own use, so here’s the deal.

There is a new edition of this software available, called WP Blazer Suite. Please see the review of new functionalities here.

WP Blazer Setup and basic dashboard

The setup is really easy, all you have to do is add your WordPress sites to the system. This can be done in two ways, either you upload the provided WP Blazer Plugin to your sites manually via FTP, or you can do it from within the dashboard itself. In later case you’ll need to provide your username/password, obviously, for the WP Blazer to be able to add the plugin for you. This has to be done for each WP site you wish to include, but only once.

After that step, your sites appear in the dashboard, like these few test sites.

You have the listing, along with a few buttons that enable you to do the tasks you want with the site.

The sites can be grouped into groups, for instance “Personal Blogs”, “Affiliate”, etc, for easier access and maintenance. Which comes in really handy, of course, as the number of sites increase; you can group them by the needed plugins, for instance, and it makes it very easy to follow the updates.


WP Blazer Site tasks

Each site has it’s own dashboard – hint: each group has one also – where you have your tasks available. Also it shows the main stats and data about the site (number of plugins and themes installed, number of posts, comments and users) and the versions/updates module (WP/Plugins/Themes versions). Basically, it’s a birds-eye view of your site that can give you info on the tasks required, updates and so on. Handy.

In this dashboard you have two main sections: My WordPress and My Vault.

The My WordPress section gives you all the tools you can use for site tasks: updates, plugins and themes overview, posts, comments and users, as well as Backup, Schedules and Google Analytics section. From each of these you can do the tasks involved for the site or group, so you can update your WordPress installation, plugin or theme installation, or create a new backup for the site. It’s all rather straight-forward and well explained in the included training videos, so no hassle there.

The Post option is also interesting; you see all your posts here for the chosen site, but you can also create a post directly in WP Blazer 3.0 dashboard and post it to whichever site/sites you wish. Could come very handy for certain occasions, maybe special offers or even advertising between your sites.

The My Vault section enables you to upload plugins and themes for multiple distribution – so you only upload the plugin you wish to install once, then distribute it over a number of sites in your dashboard. Very handy, we’ve tried it with several plugins and it really is simple.



Backup Options

WP Blazer 3.0 is being advertised as also being capable of doing backups of your sites, either manually or scheduled. In the basic version (ELITE), you can do the backup locally, save it to Amazon S3, or get it sent via FTP to the chosen account. The WP Blazer 3.0 PRO version extends these options to Rackspace, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Enough options, for sure. But be careful: in any case, the backup file stays on your local server also, so producing a lot of them without cleaning up can be a challenge on a smaller shared hosting, as you will soon run out of disk space.

We tested the FTP backup, and it works just fine. As stated, the disk space comes into play soon, so you have to plan ahead, otherwise no backups for you.


As already stated, the WP Blazer 3.0 PRO licence extends the backup options, but adds SEO and Social management functionality also. This means the management of your SEO links, as well as Social connections, posts and updates.

The WP Blazer 3.0 Developer licence gives you rights to use the WP Blazer 3.0 on an unlimited number of client sites, providing you the Agency rights actually. With it, you can monetize your services through this automated SaaS service and serve your existing clients better, or get new clients on board. It includes the WP Blazer 3.0 PRO version, so also access to the SEO and Social Management modules.

The WP Blazer 3.0 Whitelabel version is the top of the cake – it gives you possibility to fully rebrand WP Blazer 3.0 system, making it your own, and sell in unlimited quantities under your own brand. Of course, this expands your options to build a new business drastically.

All three are available through the vendor’s funnel after purchase of the basic ELITE license. Depending on your intentions/needs, think about it before you click – for instance, you don’t need to buy a PRO license in you intend to buy the Developer license, or even this one if you intend to go for the full Whitelabel.

The verdict

Actually, this one was relatively easy. If in any case you own or operate more then just one or two WordPress sites, then it’s a good chance you spend hours when anything has to be updated, being it a plugin, a theme, maybe WordPress system itself, if you don’t like the automated upgrades (we don’t). With this alone, WP Blazer 3.0 can save you quite a lot of time, especially if the number of sites is more then 10. No question here, it works.

Backup option is another story. It works, sure, but possibly you already have a specialized backup plugin (would be smart 🙂 ), or maybe you have limited disk space available via your provider. In later case, you’ll have to be really careful and clean up the backup files manually from the sites, or the sites go overload. We could not find the setting for the number of backup files to keep locally, we do not know whether it’s available in the PRO version. So this is a bit of a thing to think about. But the backup option works, and it works fine, we also had no problem restoring the site after ruining it for testing purposes. So it’s up to you and your needs/possibilities.

In the time of writing this, the launch period is over and WP Blazer 3.0 sells for $9,97 monthly or $67 yearly fee, or you can get it for a one-off payment of $97. It comes with a 30-days money back guarantee, so you have an option to cancel it if it doesn’t fit after all and receive the full refund. As mentioned, we bought it for testing purposes more then a real need, but we are running it in the meantime to overlook our 23 blogs, and we can honestly say it saved us already enough time to pay for itself.

We say – go for it, here’s the link to the sales page in case you want it asap.


Here at MaxProfitReviews we are in affiliate business with many of the vendors who’s products we mention here and write reviews about, which means we will get a certain commission from them should you buy their product via our link. We are however not connected to them in any other way, nor we receive any special commissions for making good reviews. We try to hold our opinion fair and honest, giving you both the ups and downs where we see them. Nevertheless, everything written here is our own opinion and assessment of the possibilities that software provides.

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