Social networks are all around us, and failing to be present means – well,  failing to be present. In reality this means you have much less chance of being discovered by potential customers, ergo you have less chance of making it through the month. Have you tried linking your Facebook fanpage to your site? You can do it with a free Facebook Like Tab plugin for WordPress sites.

Likes and shares on your Facebook fanpage

Likes and shares on your Facebook fanpage mean that you have audience, and to Google and Facebook it’s very important. The more of these your fanpage receives, the more both of them will show your content.

What you can do is install one of the plugins to share your page, and it’s great. With it, any of your visitors have a chance to share your page to their followers immediately. Not bad and surely helpful.

Another option is to invite your visitors to visit your fanpage also. You can do that by simply putting a link on your website, maybe a nice blue button, that leads them to Facebook and on your fanpage, where they can like it or view and share your content.

But why not giving them an option to see a short version of your fanpage right in your website?

Facebook Like Tab

This is exactly what this simple little free plugin does.

FB Like Tab Free | MaxProfitReviewsAfter installing and activating, all you need to do is input your Facebook fanpage URL. This is the only important setting; there are some more available, but they just serve the positioning and button image choice. Of course you can experiment with them until you’re satisfied, but they work just fine out-of-the-box.

And every visitor of your website will now have the possibility to see a short version of your Facebook fanpage right there; they can even like it or press your CTA button (like Message Us or whatever you have set up), without ever leaving your website.

Wandering how it looks? Just look at this very website, on the right hand side you will see a hovering Facebook button image. Roll your mouse over it, and voila.


First, if you can show people that you’re present on Facebook, it’s not bad by itself. Giving them the option of taking an action right there (like, click CTA button) is even better and gives you the opportunity to gather more likes for your fanpage faster.

Second, showing more content to the visitor means he/she will stay on your site a little longer, giving you better stats on Goggle.

Third, also Facebook likes that you are showing their content around. They will notice it and your fanpage will get a bit better ranking on Facebook, of course depending on the amount of your traffic.

Fourth, it’s free. Yap, just follow the link below and download it from our warehouse, no demands whatsoever.

You can even spread it around and share it with your friends and colleagues, no problem.


Nope, we didn’t find anything bad about it. Sure, it ads a few KB to your site’s download size, but come on – with all the images that are being shared on websites these days, it’s nothing. So absolutely no impact on your website loading times.

We only wish the developers would let us choose the image for the button, so we could become creative. But hey, everybody knows this design, so maybe it’s smart.

Download now and start gathering more fanpage likes immediately.


Facebook Like Tab Plugin | MaxProfitReviews


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