As discussed in our post GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation And How It Can Destroy Your Business, GDPR came effect on May 25th, 2018. This will substantially change the way we all collect and operate on user data on our sites. If you’re running a WordPress site or more of them, like we do, you have to make each and every one of them compliant to the new law. Hence, we checked around for a GDPR WordPress plugin, and here are the best two we could find so far.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation | MaxProfitReviews

What does a GDPR WordPress plugin provide to you

Both plugins work on the 7 most important GDPR regulations, which are

  • Cookie Consent
  • Privacy Policy Consent
  • Terms & Conditions Consent
  • Right To Be Forgotten
  • Data Portability
  • Data Breach Notification
  • Data Rectification

Both do their work well, in the scope of their possibilities. So generally they protect your website from being punished for not being GDPR compliant.

There’s more then these to the GDPR; for details, you’ll have to make sure your website is compliant also with all the other GDPR requests, depending on your online business, but for sure these are the most important ones. And honestly, both plugins save a whole lot of time for this job, which can easily take you hours, if not days, for a very low price. With the specialized plugin, you can do it all in a few minutes – literally. And then focus on possible additional things you have to do, like email consents and so on. It all depends on the kind of business you’re running online.

So how do I chose the right GDPR WordPress plugin?

There is a lot to say in order to present both of them. Honestly, all the info you could possibly want is nicely presented on their respective salespages, so I will definitely not go into this right here.

The main point is these GDPR wordpress plugins work, other then that you should simply take a look at both of them, watch the demos, and decide upon that.

But you have to do it, and before May 25th, or else you are really putting your whole business in an unneccessary risk. Here are the links, take a look and decide asap.

Remember: either you comply to the GDPR or you must revoke access to any EU traffic altogether.


TeknikForce, Cyril Gupta

GDPR WordPress plugin - General Data Protection Regulation | MaxProfitReviews

WP GDPR Suite Advanced
Able Chika

GDPR WordPress plugin - General Data Protection Regulation | MaxProfitReviews


Our bonus

No matter which GDPR WordPress plugin you choose, we will add a substantial bonus (worth $1500+) to your purchase. It should be available immediately after pruchase within your JVZoo dashboard (look for a file named MaxProfitReviews Bonus or something similar). If you can’t find it, please mail to our contact email asap and we will send you your links immediately.

The bonus consists of 10 PLR products that are all high quality and oriented into the IM niche. PLR stands for Private Label Right, which means you can rebrand them and sell as your own and keep all the profits from the sales. And use them yourself, of course.

You can check the bonus on our bonus page for WP GDPR Fix plugin HERE.


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