WP Plugin Helper at a glance

If you’re using WordPress, you’ve probably met your admin dashboard one morning  all cluttered with plugins, right?

Wordpress Plugin Helper

The default WordPress admin dashboard is informative, but sometimes just not enough. If you’re anything like me, here are usually plugins installed that you forgot about, because you installed them for testing purposes. Later on, you discovered it’s not what you expected, or maybe intended just to add some posts where this plugin would come real handy, but all in all – you forgot about them.

And when you decide to check your plugins status, maybe some updates are pending, you wonder about this weird little plugin – what was it meant for, what was the purpose, why did I install it…

Add a note to your plugin, make it clear

Well, one of the things I always missed is the option to add a simple note to the plugin. For instance, “testing – for review posts only“, “does not work with xy“, etc. You get the picture. Until now, I had these notes literally all over the place, usually in an Excel file that – oh, what joy – I keep forgetting it’s location. So every visit to the dashboard is more and more like “I’m not even looking at these deactivated plugins, I’ll do it later”. Ha.

Well, you know the look of the default dashboard well:

Wordpress Plugin Helper

It has (sigh) everything you need, really. But what if we could add just a bit of additional information to it, just to make it clear at a glance that some plugin behaves in a certain way, for instance:


Wordpress Plugin Helper

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

And you can even style the added note to your liking, so it tells you something at a glance. Great.

Additional informations available

Additionally to adding a note – which is by far my favourite – the WP Plugin Helper also displays the plugin compatibility data which is fetched from the plugin’s Readme file. I found it’s not always the same as the information you get on wordpress.org, but it’s probably due to differences in these two sources. Also the readme file should be the most reliable source with the most up to date information as it’s updated with every plugin update. And it’s not really that important, although the Tested column can give you alerts about some outdated plugin, for instance. If the label is red, you better check the plugin, because it means it was declared compatible with a WordPress version much older then your current installation, which could bring problems.

The verdict

I have no second thoughts this moment – haven’t found any incompatibilities or problems so far. And since it’s free, it’s small and it’s useful, I have no problems whatsoever to endorse it fully. Go grab it and make your life with WordPress a bit easier.


WP Plugin Helper Free Download


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