Affiliate Victory is an over the shoulder training course which leads attendees through the process of generating passive affiliate profits by using completely passive ads. What is the most important and sets this training program apart from other similar counterparts is that you are able to participate in this course without having to have any relevant experience in the affiliate marketing field.

Affiliate Victory | MaxProfitReviews

About the Vendor

Stefan Ciancio: He may not be a very familiar name to you in the field of online marketing. He has nevertheless achieved an extensive list of outstanding results with his products and courses. Additionally, since he knows what the market demands, he is specialized in compiling private label rights packages.

The latest trending product of Stefan Cianco is Traffic Rebirth, and it has been trusted by a lot of marketers in the market due to its special functionalities. Thanks to his high reputation in terms of affiliate marketing and judging by some of his products I personally own, I believe that Affiliate Victory is no different.

Affiliate Victory Features

Here is a general overview of what you can expect to learn in Affiliate Victory:

  • How to set up a completely passive income affiliate campaign by using passive income machines
  • How to quickly scale up and expand your business to several different niches
  • How to uncover a huge source of high-converting traffic
  • Real-life contexts and practical case studies are introduced, helping participants clearly understand the theories
  • How to maintain the sustainability of your business site after setup

Do you need it? Should you buy it?

As far as my humble opinion goes, just about any affiliate marketer can gain benefits from this training program one way or another. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ll find some new things in it that will benefit you. Their tips and tricks are extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Which means that you do not have to have any prior relevant coding experience. You don’t need understanding or skills related to online marketing because this course was made primarily for beginners.

By participating in this training you will have a virtual classroom inside your room. This means you can repeat the videos as many times as you want without interruption. Which is a great benefit if you’re not able to participate in different live trainings. I should know, usually these take place in the evening EST, so my timings are way after midnight and I’ve left out on quite a few because of that…

What you need to do is remind yourself to stick to the detailed measures proposed by the trainers and wait for the profits to come in. As such, Affiliate Victory is also best suited to those who are looking for an easy way to start setting up their passive income business from the online world.

Affiliate Victory | MaxProfitReviews

About the Pros & Cons

Here are some of the Pros I’ve seen:

  • The online help desk is always open to questions and issues
  • Can be easily applied to various different niche markets
  • No technical skills required to operate Affiliate Victory
  • Highly actionable and practical

As for the Cons, I’m still looking for them. 🙂

Pricing and availability

Affiliate Victory is currently priced at $10.22; I’m pretty sure that you cannot find a better priced and so full-of-practical-info training anywhere near. The price is going up slowly though, and will probably rise more.

The Verdict

The course will show you exactly how these guys take $10 and turn it around into $50 or even more on a daily basis. I believe following the steps is a tiny price for the freedom you can gain from such ROI. Remember to follow the steps.

Yes, yes, yes, it’s definitely recommended. Go get it before the price goes too high.



I’ve compiled a bunch of bonuses to go along. Mostly to give you something to sell with Affiliate Victory right out of the box.

  • Reseller Box: A complete business-in-a-box with  6 premium plugins to start and everything you need to start asap
  • WP Video Optin Plugin: A plugin that will help you build beautiful video Optin pages
  • WP Optin Fire Plugin: A plugin that will help you build your email list
  • WP Scarcity Demon Plugin: Include great looking countdown timers in your Optin pages
  • Killing It With Amazon: A PDF guide that will show you how you can rake in money with Amazon Affiliate sites

These will be added to your purchase automaticaly.

Just do it.


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