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As you might know, JVZoo  is among the largest platforms for affiliate marketing of all kinds. While it’s big and supports all sorts of selling, it can be very complicated to start with. This is a long known fact, and there have been trainings on that in the past.

But none like the one launching today: JVZoo itself published a course, appropriately called JVZoo Academy, with cooperation of one of the big names, Sam Bakker. It’s aimed at the beginners and seasoned marketers alike, of course in the different stages.

The front-end product, called The Strategy, gives us an overview of the strategies that we need to have in order to be successful on JVZoo. It consists of a number of videos in which Sam Bakker takes us through the basics of selling through the platform. Here is the first (and so far only) bad thing about the training: the videos are short, despite being full of information they still leave a feeling of being not-exactly-complete. Which is true, of course, the subject of leveraging such a huge platform also has to be huge – and you can’t take in all in one sitting.
Added to the videos there are five interviews included; in these, some of the big guys of affiliate marketing, including Bryan Zimmerman, one of the founders of JVZoo. These guys all earn a lot on the platform, and having the insight of how they do it is itself worth much more then the starting price of $27.


In the upgrades, there are options for monthly subscription or one time payment for the full training which will update through time and give you outstanding value for years to come – and thousands to make.


The bonuses

Of course, the offer comes with a suite of bonuses that are compiled of tools that are very useful for affiliate marketing. They include (in the time of writing)

  • VideoScript, a video script writting application (White Label Rights)
  • Video Sales Blueprint, a collection of images and animations (730 in total, White Label Rights)
  • WP Profit Doubler,
  • WP Testimonial Pro,
  • WP Tube Monetizer,
  • WP Tube Maximizer,
  • Marketing Graphics Toolkit V3, including 21 new modules of graphic content for your business.

All bonuses will be available inside your JVZoo account one you make the purchase, so no worry there.

White Label Rights means you have the right to put your name on the software, repack it and sell as your own. You can do that on JVZoo, of course, using the knowledge you will gain through the training. 🙂


The verdict

If you are seriously thinking about selling either digital or physical products online and are not a mega successful marketer already, then this is an opportunity to take a look at how the big boys are doing it. No matter if you’re not ready to pay for the complete training for any reason whatsoever, even the FE product will give you insight of the platform and a lot of valuable information from the big boys themselves.

In our mind, there is not much doubt – go get it.



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