Are you using videos in your marketing?

Then you need a lot of good 4K & HD stock video clips and footage.

There’s no mystery in that – you sign up for one of the web’s video sites, you search, you pay, you download.

Supercharge Your VideosThe cost, however, is another story. Such videos, especially in the 4K quality, can easily cost you from $20 and all the way to $199 per piece, be it a background or a footage video. So, if you need more then one (who doesn’t?), you can quickly calculate the costs you will have with your new project, whatever it is.

On the other hand, there’s a bunch of collections available, offering you hundreds of background video clips in HD quality for maybe as low as $37. What they usually don’t tell you is that these collections are for you to search and sort, not to mention they often repeat themselves from version to version. All in all, good for certain cases, but not professional use. Plus, you may have to buy additional developers license in order to be allowed to use them for your business needs, for clients etc.

There are also quite some video producing solutions available, like Videze, which I definitely recommend. You can do all sorts of magic with them, but still, you need some footage to work on. And you’re back to square one.



Lifetime Stock Video is a membership offer that you rarely meet.

They offer all sorts of video clips, all in 4K quality (just in case you did not know, that means 3.840 x 2.160 resolution….). Of course, you can download lower quality videos, all the way down to 426 x 240, if you need.

The main attraction within this launch period is their pricing.

The offer that is on the table right now is 1.000 video clips (250 4K backgrounds + 250 4K footage + 500 HD backgrounds), and, within the period of two years, your membership receives 75 new videos in the library every single month. Which means a total of 2.800 high-quality videos altogether. After two years, you can extend your membership for another two years with today’s pricing – which means another 75 videos monthly.

The price for all this is actually really low in the moment of writing: $67.00.

You read it right: $67.00

For this money, you also get a number of nice bonuses:

  • 100 Extra HD Video Backgrounds … $4,900 Value
  • 100 Royalty Free Music Tracks … $1,800 Value
  • YouTube Marketing Made Easy … $197 Value
  • YouTube Ads Made Easy … $197 Value

And best of all, for the launch period, you get full Designer / Developer Rights ($997 Value).

Which means you’re free to use all these video clips in your projects for your clients. Royalty free.

The verdict

As far as I’m concerned, I’m getting it immediately, and we’ll start using them in our campaigns asap.

You can check the details of the offer here or by clicking the button below.



Update [May 2018]

I bought it as I stated above, and since then, I downloaded and used over 300 video clips in all sorts of projects. If I look back today, this means it all costed me around $0.20 per video clip. And I still have soooo many to use. 🙂

I’m super happy with the quality, although search features of the portal could sometimes be more friendly. But hey, I’m happy.


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